Solicitors and Estate Agents

Agency appearances at Paisley Sheriff Court

The library in our Paisley office.

We have provided a highly regarded and efficient agency service for solicitors from outside Paisley for generations.

We cover cases for other solicitors in every ordinary court (on Mondays), Options Hearings and Child Welfare Hearings court (on Thursdays,) and the Summary Cause / Small Claims court (Fridays.) We also regularly appear at proof and debate diets, interim hearings, Debtors (Scotland) Act hearings, and before the Sheriff Principal.

We have considerable experience of appearing in all sorts of litigation, from opposed contact hearings, to contentious motions in high value commercial cases.

Our fees for agency appearances are set out in the FEES page of our website.  Provided we are fully and timeously instructed, we may be able to cover proofs, debates, or small claims evidential hearings.  If you would like to discuss an agency appearance please contact us here.

Court instructions can be faxed to 0141 887 0316 or emailed to – if you email though please give us a quick call to make sure the email has been received.

Glasgow: 0141 334 7706
Paisley: 0141 889 3296